Hopper : Chop Suey

American Quilts


  • Monotype
  • 24x20"
  • 10 6x8" tiles arrangement varies

About The American Quilt

The American Quilt is a working series of tiled prints. The tiles resemble the blocks that build the quilt's patterns. Assembled, the quilt presents a remark of iconic artworks from American artists. Each quilt contains 6X8" and/or 6X6" tiles at different orientations. Each tile is its own individually produced print arranged together with other tiles to construct the final large artwork. In their final construction, the tiles will be tied together similar in a sewing construction of quilts.

This specific construction has a behind-the-scenes demonstrating (my printing process)

    Detail 1

  • 5 color plates

    Detail 2

  • 5 color plates