This blog is an exercise for teaching. I am not a teacher right now, but I am working on it.

In high school, I had had this ten-year plan that would have started after my secondary education. This ten-year plan was to gain industry experience in an art field such as illustration or animation and then return to post-secondary education to earn a Masters in this field for credentials to teach. My plan was inspired by a few of my high school teachers, but one I can clearly remember is Mr. Robert Drewal. Mr. Drewal was an Art Teacher but also an inspiration. He kindled new ambition in those who truly believed they could not draw. Within me, he energized my joy of doodling into a concentration of creation and design.

There were two memorable moments that keep me moving. The first was winning first place in regional art show. Without Mr. Drewal, I would have not even considered entering, well for one, I could not pay the entry fee and I just did not have the confidence to even try. He suggested which piece should be submitted and paid for the entry fee. The second moment came when I needed a slide portfolio for school applications. Again, Mr. Drewal was the motivator. He helped prepare the portfolio by selecting and photographing the images; so far this has been the best recording of any of my work.

I am well beyond that ten-year plan, and it is about time that show that same support to our future and be a Mr. Drewal.

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