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School Musical : Les Misérables

2022, Spring. Planning started shortly after the Spring 2021 high school performance, the administration and the producer encouraged this show to be a large production; beyond itself, the show took place in a year as the pandemic restrictions were released, and this would be the reemergence of performing before a live audience. Since this was […]

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I use to be in UX

Originally published on May 28, 2015 in medium.comUpdated for context of time 3 min read Who Controls User Experience? When someone has a question regarding the user, they had all look to me for a concise reply and more often than not they do not like my answer. Why? Because “it depends” is not a […]

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Design for Safety

Can you see the important sign on the wall? I may have helped by centering it within the composition. The sign I want you to focus your attention on describes the evacuation of the room during an emergency. If you were not familiar with the room, would you find this sign quickly among the other […]