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Newsies, Jr. — A Middle School Musical

Another school semester, another musical. Fall, 2023. I have never seen or heard of Newsies before working on this production. Apparently I have sinned; but I am not really into theater. I am not a musical fan nor a musical consumer. I rarely go to plays, read them, or know enough about the culture. Simply, […]

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A Stage Prop with Thoughtful Consideration for Its Storage

In the Fall of 2019, the theater and stage teacher for both the high and middle school wanted a Snoopy dog house for a single act play. The prop had to be big enough to hold two to three people and room for one inside. Sized for middle and high school students, this would be […]

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R2D2 : The Final Countdown Chapter Continues

For close to a year, I struggled with the construction of a R2D2 paper model. This is the final chapter.